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SONY NW-E394 WALKMAN - As new - Opened box

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SONY NW-E394 WALKMAN - As new - Opened box
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10.04.2020 - 02:30PM
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Sold By Harry Mann
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Quality sound Currently selling for £59.00 at Currys. The Walkman NWE 394 boasts ClearAudio+ technology, ensuring that you can experience great sound quality no matter what you choose to listen to. With five preset options to choose from and a bass boost function, you can bring your music to life with the NWE394. Functional Capable of playing PCM, AAC, WMA and MP3 files, you can be confident that your favourite music files will work on the MP3 player. Featuring an easy drag and drop file transfer system on PC and Mac, you can move audio files from your computer to the MP3 player with minimal fuss. The Walkman NW E394B also includes an FM radio, so you can choose between your music collection and your favourite radio stations while on the move. A 1.8" LED backlit screen allows you to review what you are listening to quickly and easily, making it ideal for skipping between songs and stations. Capacity Boasting an 8 GB on-board memory capacity, you can store up to 1800 songs on the Walkman NW-E394B and enjoy music playback for up to 35 hours. This means that you can enjoy your favourite songs for a long period of time before needing to recharge the internal battery, which can be completed in just two hours. With headphones included, the Walkman NW-E394B 8 GB MP3 Player with FM Radio is an ideal choice for those who enjoy music on the move. AU73SY
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