Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy with

You will need to register with us to be able to bid on an item. So, register now and place your first bid. See Buy With

Can I search for an item without being registered?

Yes, you can use the search and advanced search to find an item that you want to bid on. You can also see our Live Auctions, Future Auctions and Recently Won, all without the need to register.

Is my personal information safe with

At we don’t hold personal information such as bank or credit card information. All payments to are made through secure merchants such as PayPal. We know how inconvenient it is to have to change your passwords and how vulnerable you feel when companies have their data breached. See our privacy policy and GDPR compliance.

Does track my usage using cookies?

We keep any tracking by cookies to an absolute minimum and if any, they are purely for your convenience, such as retaining your password information for when you revisit the site. There is no other purpose for to track your site usage. We do make use of google analytics to enable us to monitor site usage so that we can minimise any disruption to our users. Google analytics privacy policy is available here

I bought an item which is not as described. How can I get my money back from the seller? make every effort to ensure both buyers and sellers act with honesty and integrity when listing and buying items. In the first instance we operate a feedback system so that you can assure yourself of the reputation of the seller. Secondly, we recommend that unless you are paying cash on collection, that the buyer and seller make the payment between each other using PayPal or another reputable merchant facility, that offers dispute resolution. do not manage complaint resolution, however we will work with a merchant provider to support your claim and we will shutdown any seller or buyer who we consider to be in breach of our terms and conditions.

How do verify the users of the site?

We pride ourselves by offering one of the lowest cost marketplace websites available, with no commission. Unlike some sites that offer listing for free, experience has shown that by charging a listing fee, the seller will leave a digital footprint when making payment to register to sell. This deters many unscrupulous sellers and those likely to trade in illicit goods. fully cooperate with law enforcement and revenue agencies to deter abuse of our website and to provide legitimate users with the confidence to enjoy the experience. See our privacy policy here...

What can I list with and what is prohibited?

You can list for auction anything you choose, large or small. Just remember, we don’t charge a commission fee, but you may wish to set a reserve price to ensure that you do not committing to a sell your goods below your expected value. The following is not exhaustive, however in particular, we do not accept the following items to be listed:

  • Animals whether dead or alive.
  • Illicit goods - drugs or stolen property or counterfeit documents.
  • Fake goods - unless the seller clearly describes as such. Sellers are to be advised of the breach of copyright laws and any item suspected of such will be reported to FACT.
  • Dangerous goods, explosives, fireworks or legally owned firearms.
  • Event tickets above their face value – We do not encourage ticket touting or secondary ticket selling. DO check the terms and conditions of your ticket before listing on

Can I contact the seller before the auction goes live?

Yes, offers the facility for the seller to allow a prospective buyer to contact them by way of email or telephone or both. It is down to the seller to select this option when they list the item for auction.

Can I offer to buy the item listed directly from the seller before the auction goes live.

Yes, the seller can remove the item listed at any time before the auction goes live. Unlike many other web site marketplaces, we do not restrict the offer of sale before the auction goes live.

If I do not set a reserve price and the item does not achieve the price I expected, can I refuse to sell the item and relist it again at a future date.

No, once the auction goes live, you have legally entered into contract to sell the item to the highest bidder. Please see our terms and conditions.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

We’ve thought of that. At the close of the auction, if your listed item hasn’t sold, we give you the facility to choose to list the item again free of charge.

You only charge a £1.00 flat fee and no commission. Are there any hidden extras?

There are no hidden extras. The business model allows us to offer probably the lowest marketplace auction fees on the internet. We don’t have shareholders, nor investors beyond the original founders. This means that we only charge £1.00 listing fee thereby allowing you, the seller to retain all your own profit, and you the buyer, not having to pay over the odds to cover the sellers’ costs.

What extras are available?

We offer the £1.00 flat fee to list any item, including up to 5 images, and allow contact between buyer and seller all within the £1.00 fee. We have made a variety of optional ad on extras available to you, including the facility to upload a video link for the product, for a small additional fee.

Why should I choose to buy or sell with offers a new and exciting alternative marketplace that will operate alongside some of the more familiar sites that we feel have dominated the marketplace for too long, with restrictive practices, charging excessive fees to satisfy their shareholders. The founders of were inspired from a vision of social responsibility, to offer a new friendly, low cost marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers the opportunity to retain their hard earned cash and seeking to promote the ethos of… ’Providing a world class online marketplace where we treat our buyers and sellers like our family and businesses like our friends, putting first class service first, creating a safe and exciting online experience for all’, is the basis of our mission statement.

What shall I do if I think I’ve been scammed?

At we do all we can to make your experience enjoyable, with trust and confidence. Unlike some free listing websites, experience tells us that by charging a small listing fee, sellers leave a digital foot print that will be traceable by authorities. This is one measure that we take to deter those who commit fraud and seek to avoid detection. Along with this, we ensure all those registering with, verify their email account as part of the registration process. If you do feel you have been scammed, please immediately report the matter to the police. Where the police decide to investigate this as a crime, will always work with the authorities to bring offenders to justice and bring you satisfaction.

I need to contact about another matter not listed in FAQ’s

That’s not a problem, we’ll be delighted to discuss the matter with you. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. Contact us at

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