How It Works

How does work?

Simply register your details, browse for free and list your items for sale.

No commission fees, no restrictions on contacting other users and no waiting around for your items to sell.

Upload your photos, write a short description of the item, choose your auction start time and then just wait for the auction to start.

Each auction starts at your chosen time and you set a reserve price if you wish.

The auction runs for 7 days and will close when the 7 days is up or a buyer places a bid and the bidding starts.

To place a bid, use the Bid button (this will then show the price of the next bid) and the auction time will reset to 30 second inviting others to make a bid. If no more bids are received then during the last 10 seconds, 'going, going...GONE!' will be displayed to let you know the auction is coming to an end. If no further bids are made, the auction will close.

It can't be any easier, just bid, wait 30 seconds and see whether you win. Its quick fun and easy to use!

You will be notified if you are the winner once the auction has ended.

You simply then pay for the item or contact the buyer/seller to arrange collection or delivery.

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